Spending the most of our time being over-connected to the outside world, our attention seems to be focused on numerous events, linked to each other, taking us to the journey without awareness of our position in that world. We are living in very busy era where life has turned into 'a rush hour' and most likely it won't change soon. It looks like there is not much we can do about it and I do not sound very optimistic at all, do I?

Big steps may leave the gap on our path which we may fall into sometimes later if our self-development in not built on solid ground, step by step, based on Knowledge and experience of using the Knowledge we gained on our path. But one small step in the opposite direction, towards the depths of our Being, could be a beginning of completely new journey. By changing ourselves we can start changing the world because the world we are living in is nothing else but – me, you, our friends, families, and people we know or those we'll never meet.

Since I was a teenager I believed there is a 'world behind' but at that time there was no internet, no Google (yes, I was a teenager long time ago) hence I couldn't find any good source of information how to reveal that inner world, someone who could teach me, show me, or take me there. Until almost ten years ago...

At that time, I was so sure about what I was doing, what I thought I was and where I wanted to be. Then I met Teachers of the Fire through my friend and my journey has begun. I remember the first conversation about my destiny according to the Teachings of the Fire, my Qualities, strength, weaknesses... I knew life will never be the same again nor I will.

I left that room vastly affected by the conversation I had with my new friend and I took first step of my new journey with only one goal – to discover who I really am.

I started taking teas I was given (Lake Water, Mountain Water...) and started learning breathing techniques before I was taught first meditations from the Teachings of the Fire which all together brought a new dimension into my life. The world within myself which I started exploring, looked like it has no boundaries. And indeed, there are none.

For those who would like to take a part on that journey, I can only say there is a plenty of work to be done. As we know, according to the Teachings of the Fire, the final goal of our Being is reaching the Light (Spirit) by enlightening all of 12 Qualities that four Forces are building into the Light. Sometimes one life is not enough for that task, but we have to be patient and instead of chasing our goals in a rush, we should steadily keep walking towards them. Every day. Step by step.

Sometimes you may have an impression that nothing is going on and everything seems to be without any change. However, if you keep walking every day as much as you can without thinking of how far you are from the starting point, when you turn back after six months, a year or five... you will see you have walked a long distance. You will realise that you are definitely not the same you were before you took your first step towards self-development.

And if you keep walking, one day we will all meet at the same place.

Next week: Are we brave enough to be what we really are