You hear your alarm clock and your body starts to move. But your mind is still sleeping and there might be a chance it will never wake up.

You brush your teeth, have a quick coffee and if there is a time, you'll have quick breakfast. Leave the house and run into daily routine. And don't forget to check your emails before you get to work. And your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook again to check is there any comment on your morning status, than Twitter again... oh, there is a comment, need to reply but – you already got to work.

Busy day, a lot of things to be done, you'll reply during the lunch break... you will, for sure.

Sounds familiar? Isn't there something missing in these few lines above?

This is how our day starts in this busy information era when we are connected to everything around us as much as we can be and almost completely disconnected from the most important thing in our lives – ourselves. And that is what I dare to say is missing in this story above.

I know that from personal experience.

It is a truth that we are living in extremely exciting era of human race with rapidly developing technologies, science, era of some amazing achievements on those fields, which is making our lives much easier comparing to period just a 50 years ago. We don't need to go further back in time. It is exciting, indeed, this race between us, machines and time. Always in rush to create more, to sell more, to posses more, to establish new connections with known and unknown people somewhere out there... And since we don't have time for ourselves and time to socialise with 'real people in real world, we'll do our best to get back to the network to reply once again before we take our exhausted body back to bed. Time to get some rest and let our body sleep. Our mind didn't wake up anyway.

But there is a chance... You just need to wake up. To wake up your mind, your soul, your entire Being and just for a second ask yourself a simple question: WHO AM I?

Is this my race, my run and the goals I am after – are they really mine, is that what I really want? Answers to these questions might frighten you but that might be the moment of truth and the day when you established one more connection in your life, most important – with your true self!

Next week: Wake up, there is a world inside of you waiting to be revealed.