The ceremony of having tea is famous in some nations (particularly in Japan). Our ancestors had ceremony of mixing herbs in tea mixtures. We provide people who faithfully follow this tradition, and who are physically, mentally and spiritually prepared and skilled to perform these ceremonies in the traditional way. The ancients believed that this very ceremony provides physical, mental and spiritual effects of these teas to consumers and can improve the quality of life of the consumers.

We respect that tradition to full extent. But we do not offer these products as health supplements, but as food supplements. We carried out clinical tests of these mixtures and some of them are in progress. As long as the tests are not quite complete, according to the standards of the EU, USA and other developed countries, we offer these products only as food supplements (despite the good results of the previous tests). Followers of the road who practice mixing of these teas still believe in the tea as the "spiritual medicine" - but we rely solely on the laws of developed countries, and the evidence and standards that such countries require.

When these mixtures are consumed as prescribed, it is proved that they have no harmful effects, that there are no allergic reactions and can be found in the market as food supplements. Regardless of the results of the analysis, we note potential consumers not to use these products if allergic to any of its ingredients. Also we do not recommended them to pregnant women. If you are allergic to any of its contents, or are in the stage of pregnancy, then you are taking these solutions on your own responsibility.

On the other hand, if there are no obstacles for usage of these mixtures, you will then be able to try recipes from the past and to monitor their impact on the quality of your life for the first time. Regarding to this, we wish you much happiness, success and satisfaction.

Recipes date over centuries or even millennia ago. Ancient people used these mixtures as medicines, and we offer them as a food supplement – so in case that you are administering some therapy, you are suffering from a disease or are under a diet treatment, consult with your doctor or pharmacist, or nutritionist.

The product is consumed by pouring 25 drops in half a glass of water (100 millilitres), stirred and drank slowly in small sips, about half an hour before meals. In this way, the concentration of alcohol in the solution and the amount of essential oil (to which some may be allergic) decreases to less than 1% (the amount of alcohol is reduced to 0.25% and the essential oils reduce on promiles).

Given that we have prepared three types of such teas, a dilemma could be created which of products to use. You will not make a mistake if the first 30 days you would use Lake Tea and then, according to your general state, select in the next 30 days to use either of the other two products (Eagle Tea or Hyacinth Tea). Do not take two products at the same time. If by any chance you forget to take the product, do not double the next dose the other day. We are strongly against the mega-doses - because mega-doses may adversely affect your stomach or other organs. It's not in the mega-doses, but in precise doses that can cause positive effects on you.

If the product suits you and you feel its positive effects on you, you can use it as long (at least 30 days) as it suits you (the maximum length of time to use such product is not limited). During the use of these products, please avoid alcohol, psychoactive drugs and other means harmful to your health.

All of these products also contain the organic extract (wild, Mediterranean) rosemary. There is a large scale of active ingredients in this herb that can improve quality of your life. Just because of rosemary, these products should not be used by pregnant women. Ancient people recommended to women who wished to become pregnant to use Hyacinth Tea - but at the first signs of pregnancy to immediately discontinue taking any of these medicines.